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2002-03-21 Business Meeting

Minutes of ICIT Organization Business Meeting, Thursday March 21, 2002 At ISAC's Spring School of Instruction & Business Meeting

Twenty one people in attendance. Wayne Chizek opened the meeting with a brief summary of the presentation that was given to the ISAC Board of Directors on February 21st. Discussion of the ICIT Board structure and nomination process followed. The position of Past President will be filled by the previous year's President, except for this year when we have no previous year President.

The following people were nominated for the state-wide positions:
Robert Caney, Black Hawk County - Past President
Wayne Chizek, Marshall County - President
Jim Rice, Cerro Gordo County - Vice President
Ray Willis, Polk County - Secretary/Treasurer
Randy Snyder, Warren County - Technology Advocate

Motion by Micah Cutler that nominations cease, 2nd by Jason Siebrecht, passed unanimously.

The attendees broke into groups for 5 of the 6 districts to select nominees for the district board positions. No representatives were attending from district 2. The following people were nominated for the 6 district positions:

Scott Williams, Marshall County - District 1, Central 16 counties
Leanne Satterthwaite, Bremer County and Michelle Giddings, Franklin County - District 2, NE 18 counties
Theresa Wurth - District 3, NW 16 counties
Micah Cutler, Harrison County and Mike Hansen, Shelby County - District 4, SW 18 counties
Pete Buckingham, Washington County - District 5, SE 17 counties
Jason Siebrecht, Linn County - District 6, E 14 counties

Motion by Wayne Chizek that nominations cease, 2nd by Randy Snyder, passed unanimously.

Wayne asked for volunteers to chair the standing committees and the ad hoc Business Continuation Committee. He also asked for volunteers to serve on those committees. The following chairs were appointed along with committee members:

Education and School Committee
Co-Chair Mark Castenson, Warren County
Co-Chair Denise Kalvus, Warren County

Alisa Golay, Warren County
Jason Siebrecht, Linn County
Jean Schultz, Johnson County
Theresa Wurth, Clay County
Scott Williams, Marshall County

Suggestions for ISAC Fall School:
Randy Snyder; cool GIS applications
Micah Cutler; review the real estate workflow between the assessor and auditor offices and maybe cover some real estate legal issues
Micah Cutler; review what GPS issues are being raised in Nebraska by the surveying community
Jason Siebrecht; presentation by William Holland of GeoAnalytics on privacy policies.

Membership and Nominating Committee
Chair Micah Cutler, Harrison County

Alisa Golay, Warren County
Micah Van Maanen, Sioux County
Ray Willis, Polk County

Legislative Committee
Chair William Buttrey, Marion County

Carl Wilburn, Carroll County
Drew Sanders, Keokuk County
Scott Williams, Marshall County

On Line Services Committee
Chair Scott Williams, Marshall County

Mark Castenson, Warren County
Michael Hansen, Shelby County
Micah Van Maanen, Sioux County
Theresa Wurth, Clay County

Suggestions for On Line Services Committee:
Theresa Wurth: follow the example of current ISAC affiliates' web pages
Micah Cutler; compare templates for individual county offices
Scott Williams; stressed need to provide those items most important to ICIT members, not necessarily model our site after other ISAC affiliates.

Ad Hoc Business Continuation Committee
Chair Jim Rice, Cerro Gordo County

Drew Sanders, Keokuk County
Randy Snyder, Warren County

Suggestions for Business Continuation Committee:
Wayne Chizek; review process for 28E agreements between counties to provide reciprocal assistance for disaster recovery.

Wayne asked if there were any other ICIT objectives that had not already been covered by one of the committees, none were suggested.

Micah Cutler pointed out that the by-laws have potential problems with "quorum" for conducting meetings. Currently a quorum is specified in ARTICLE IX. EXECUTIVE BOARD, Section 6. A quorum for conducting the business of the Executive Board will be six (6) members with one having to be the President or Vice-President of the organization. The quorum is implied in two articles of the by-laws. ARTICLE XIV. MEETINGS, Section 2. In order to have a passing vote, there must be a sixty (60) percent vote of all active members present during any general meeting. There must be at least twenty (20) "aye" votes. ARTICLE XVII. AMENDMENTS , Section 2. A sixty (60) percent vote of all active members present at the Annual Meeting is required to amend, alter, or repeal all or part of these by-laws. There must be at least twenty (20) "aye" votes. The requirement for "at least twenty aye votes" would mean that no fewer than twenty people would be required to conduct business at an annual meeting or make amendments to the by-laws. Micah pointed out that we had twenty members eligible to vote and one guest at our business meeting. That meant that every vote needed to be unanimous in order to pass. Micah suggested that we may want to amend the by-laws to set a quorum and then a percent of the quorum for business meetings.

Wayne reminded everyone to register as a member of ICIT. The membership dues are $ 25 per person, per year. Scott will be adding the registration form to the ICIT web site. Wayne opened the floor for discussion on allowing access to ICIT members e-mail addresses and other registration information. The general discussion was that vendors would probably already have access to our membership through other sources. We agreed that allowing easy member access to e-mails would outweigh the inconvenience of deleting unwanted e-mails from vendors.

Wayne asked for discussion on posting job openings on the ICIT web site. The general discussion was that members that would be looking for job opportunities would be able to locate those opportunities anyway. Everyone agreed that the ICIT web site should post job vacancies.

There being no additional business, Randy Snyder made a motion to close the meeting. Seconded by Pete Buckingham, passed unanimously.

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