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2003-06-04 Board Meeting

Update on HIPPA Committee, First ICIT Mid-year conference


President: Wayne Chizek, GIS Director (Marshall)
Vice President: Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
Sec./Treas: Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)
Past President: Robert Canney, MIS Director (Black Hawk)
Tech. Advocate: Randy Snyder, DP Director, (Warren)
District 1 Rep: Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
District 2 Rep: Sara Zimmerman, Network Admin. (Butler)
District 3 Rep: Theresa Wurth, GIS/DP Coordinator (Clay)
District 4 Rep: Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
District 5 Rep: Pete Buckingham, GIS Coord (Washington)
District 6 Rep: Jason Siebrecht, GIS Coord (Linn)

ICIT Executive Board Meeting Agenda
9:30a.m. Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
Adventureland Inn, Altoona

Financial Report
By Ray Willis, current balance $9,247.27
Estimated expenses for ICIT Technology Luau; about $40/person for food ($4,000), Luau expenses ($2,000), shirts ($800).

Committee reports - Wayne apologized for not getting the meeting reminder and agenda sent to the committee chairs.

  Education & Schools - focused on ICIT Technology Luau
  Legislative - by Scott; Counties will not be getting the funding from the State that was used for setting budgets.
    The State funding shortfall is just getting started.  Counties are going to be forced to find a total of $17.5 million in cuts.
  Membership & Nominating - by Bob; Nominations are ready.
  Online Services - by Wayne; On-line registrations and postings are working well.
  Business Continuation - by Jim; nothing new.
  Cadastral Committee - by Ray; nothing new.

Organization reports

 IGIC update - by Micah; IGIC will continue scheduling their conference opposite of the MAGIC Conferences which also
     hold their conferences every other year.  The conference committee is still finalizing the schedule.
 GMIS update (Can this item be removed as a permanent agenda item?) - Yes.
    Jason suggested replacing the GMIS update with an Eastern Iowa ESRI Users Group update.

Update on HIPAA Ad Hoc Committee - by Randy; the committee met 1 1/2 weeks ago with Quilogy; 60 counties coming on board.
   They area about 10 to 15% completed on the accepting claims system for medical related claims.  Meeting again next Monday.

Discuss preparations for the ICIT Mid-Year meeting

Facilities - ready, start registration about 10:00am Tuesday
Agenda (Cadastral, GIS/Legal Issues and IS/MIS Tracks, General Session vs. Banquet)
Vendors - set up Tuesday morning.  Primary times for contact with participants, Wednesday and Thursday after 10:30 break.
Meals & Snacks
Reception & Door Prizes (District Door Prizes, Free conference registration, ICIT Shirts and purchased items)
   Purchased items totaled about $250 - $300.

ICIT 2004 Mid-Year Conference - by Wayne; Mike Schonlau has been sending Wayne preliminary information.
  Discussion about whether to continue looking at other sites.  Motion by Randy, second by Jim to hold the 2004
  ICIT mid-year conference in Council Bluffs, passed by unanimous vote.

ISAC Legislative Workshops

ISAC Steering Committees - ISAC is looking for up to three representatives from ICIT for each committee.
   County Administration and Organization
   Environment and Public Health
   Human Services
   Land Use and Rural Affairs
   Public Safety
   Taxation and Finance
   Wayne will send out an e-mail looking for volunteers for each committee and then make appointments.

Fall ISAC School of Instruction - We will be back at the Holiday Inn Airport, November 19, 20, 21.
   Possible hospitality room, expire vendor sponsorship.

Additional old business or new business - We still haven't voted on vendor membership fees.
  ISAC has added something to their web site for budget cutting strategies.

Next meeting date and Adjournment - Thursday 12:00 at the end of the conference.

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