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2005-08-04 Board Meeting

Committee reports, discussion, motions on ICIT Lobbyist, E-Recording, Regional GIS Data Distribution

      ICIT Business Meeting Agenda

                    10:00 a.m. Thursday, August 4th, 2005
                       ISAC Office, 501 SW 7th St, Suite Q 
                                           Des Moines, Iowa

 X - Present at meeting
 X President: Micah Cutler, GIS Administrator (Harrison)
 X Vice President: Jason Siebrecht, GIS Administrator (Linn)
 X Sec./Treas.: Ray Willis, Mapping Specialist (Polk)
 X Past President: Jim Rice, MIS Director (Cerro Gordo)
 X Tech. Advocate: Matt Boeck, GIS Coordinator (Mahaska)
 X District 1 Rep: Scott Williams, IS Director (Marshall)
 X District 2 Rep: Jon Lubke, GIS Coordinator (Winneshiek/Fayette)
 X District 3 Rep: Micah VanMaanen, IT Director (Sioux)
 X District 4 Rep: Jerry Lawson, GIS Coordinator (Shelby)
 X District 5 Rep: Pete Buckingham, GIS Specialist (Washington)
    District 6 Rep: Kim Veeder, Systems Analyst (Black Hawk)
 X Education and Schools:  Mark Castenson (Warren)
 X Legislative:  Jeff Rodda (Polk)
 X Membership & Awards:  Jim Rice (Cerro-Gordo)
 X On-Line Services:  Scott Williams (Marshall)
 X Business Continuation:  Jim Rice (Cerro-Gordo)
 X Cadastral: Ray Willis (Polk) 

 Also Present: Randy Schnieder - Guest  & past Tech. Advocate  


 1. Call meeting to order

 2. New Board Members - Jerry Lawson to fill position of Mike Schonlau 
     and Jon Lubke to fill position of Sarah Zimmerman -
     motion by Jason 2nd by Scott - unanymous
 3. Financial and Membership Report
    77 members who have paid membership dues for 2005-2006 fiscal year;
    If your name does not show up in the "Current Members" list on the
    ICIT Home page, then you still owe your dues
     balance $12,775.86
 4. Board Meeting lunches - motion by Jim to have ICIT pay for lunch at
     scheduled board meetings not to exceed $15 - 2nd by John Lubke -
     passed unanymous (Ray Willis, Jeff Rodda not present for vote)
 5. ICIT Committee activities
   a. Education & Schools
   b. Legislative
   c. Membership & Awards
       - Fall elections
       - Reminders for dues (voting members)
        Discussion about sending out reminders to vendors - Jim suggested
        snail mail as a good method and Micah Cutler is going to work on a
        pdf for that Scott can use on the web page
   d. Business Continuation - Jim no meetings
   e. On-Line Services - Scott - posted new job opennings; hope to have
       membership form for new members
   f. Cadastral - no meetings; schedule a meeting for fall school
 6. Organization updates
   a. ISAC Executive Board - Wayne - the letter submitted by the Treasurers
      association withdrawn; governance issue is still alive and will come up
      again this next legislative session; steering committees starting to meet
      in September - 5 of the 7 now have ICIT volunteers;
      discussion about drafting ICIT guiding principles for legislation - Scott
      and Randy will be working on drafts; discussion about whether ICIT
      should have a registered lobbiest -
      Motion by  Jim to appoint one or more individuals to register as a lobbiest
      in favor of or opposed to specific legislation as directed by the ICIT board;
      Matt second - passed unanymous
   b. E-Recording Committee - Scott - Recorder's meeting yesterday - demo for
       lawyers of the e-recording allowing electronic submission of any type of
       document that the recorder can accept - expecting to start adding counties
       between Sept and December - only e-recording system that has this option;
       80 some counties with data online now - they are setting up a committee
       to govern the system 28E agreement that will establish an oversight
       commitee to govern the CLARIS project, one rep from attorneys, bankers
       association, abstractors, realtors, two members from the ISAC org along
       with one from ICIT - the discussion was that the ICIT member will have
       voting rights; current draft of the 28E is for 15 members with 8 recorders
   Randy - CAMA meeting next week; Dave Ellis education chair and legislative
       leason for asssessor's wanting to form a committee to discuss Iowa
       Appraisal Manual that is not a nationally accepted approach;
   c. GIS Data Repository - by Wayne; "Contract fro Exchange of Digital GIS Data"
      between ICIT and the individual counties; will also being developing a
      policy document; discussion about having an automatic renewal; need to
      work out who will be disignated as the authorized signature
      Motion by  Jim second by Jason to approve Wayne to take the draft
      contract to legal council for final review and that the President of ICIT be
      authorized to sign for ICIT. Further that the original copies of the signed
      contracts be retained by Marshall County during the term of the grant funding."
      - passed unanymous
      Wayne distributed a copy of the proposed job description for the project 
      coordinator.  Web site is IOWAGISDATA.org.
   d. IGIC - Micah Cutler - large number of registrations in the last two weeks -
       Alan Jensen is no longer the State GIS Coordinator, ISU funding and the
       Iowa DOT has also removed their funding.  The IGIC board may be
       redefining the position and duties. IGIC is interested in doing a joint
       conference in the 2007 year.
   e. CIAO - Mark & Ray - Meeting in two weeks
   f. EIGIS - Jason - meet last Thursday, demonstration on goeprocessing tools
 7. ICIT Sponsorship to ESRI Conference - Discussion about getting feadback
     from the membership at fall school.  Also sponsorship to Comdex.
 8. Steering Committee reminders -
 9. Lobbyist for next legislative session
 10. Mid-Year Conference 2006 preparations - have not yet had a meeting of the
       entire group but have been laying the ground work - Mason City facilities
       are more limited in terms of having the conference split up between various
       locataions - vendors, workshops, meeting rooms, auditorium, etc.
       Two speakers being considered.  Will start working on the program as a
       group at fall school.  Dates: 14th, 15th, 16th of June 2006.
 11. State purchasing contract with HP (Bob Rafferty) - by Scott; State of Iowa
       signed a contract with HP - may want to use as a guage as to whether your
       vendor pricing is in line
 12. Old Business
 13. New Business
 14. Next meeting and adjournment - sometime during fall ISAC.
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