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2008-06-12 Board Meeting

Security Committee; Mid-Year Conference; Web Committee
ICIT Board Meeting Agenda/Minutes
4:00 p.m.   Thursday June 12, 2008
Sioux City Convention Center
Sioux City, Iowa

ICIT Executive Board Members  (X - in attendance)

X  President:    Matt Boeck, GIS Coordinator (Story)
    Vice President:    Kim Veeder, IT Director (Black Hawk)
X  Sec./Treas.:  Mark Castenson, GIS Coordinator (Warren)
X  Past President:  Micah Van Maanen, IT Director (Sioux)
     Tech. Advocate:   Kirby Winter, IT Director (Hardin/Franklin)
X  District 1 Rep:  Sandra Hunter, IT Director (Story)
X  District 2 Rep:  Joel Rohne, IT/GIS Director (Worth)
X  District 3 Rep:  Shawn Olson, IT/GIS Administrator (Plymouth)
X  District 4 Rep:  David Bayer, GIS Coordinator (Pottawattamie)
     District 5 Rep:  Gina Erickson, IT Director (Des Moines)
     District 6 Rep:  Jean Schultz, IT Director (Johnson)

ICIT Committee Chairs

X   ISAC Board Representative: Wayne Chizek (Marshall)
      Education and Schools:  Cory Hines (Linn)
      Legislative:  Jeff Rodda (Polk)
      Membership & Awards:  Jason Siebrecht (Linn)
      On-Line Services:  Scott Williams (Marshall)
      Cadastral:  Jason Siebrecht (Linn)
      Web-User:  Mitch Tollerud (Scott)



1.  Call meeting to order
        The meeting was called to order at 3:58 p.m.

2.  Discussion on Security Committee
        Matt Boeck brought up discussion on the possibility of starting a security committee within ICIT.  Tony Kava and Tom Crimmins of Pottawattamie County went over a prepared document outlining the committee responsibilities.  They also mentioned the idea of having a contact list for disasters requiring help.  Joel Rohne made a motion to create a Security Committee.  Second by Shawn Olson.  Motion carries.

3. Mid-Year Conference Rotation discussion
        Wayne Chizek brought up discussion on moving the rotation of the Mid-Year Conference due to the conference being in western or central Iowa for the next 2 years.  Wayne suggested rotating districts 4 and 6 to accomodate this.  Mark Castenson made a motion to have the 2009 Mid-Year Conference in District 1 and the 2010 Mid-Year Conference in District 6.  Micah VanMaanen seconded the motion.  Motion carries.

4. New Business
        Shawn Olson brought up discussion on the status of the Web Committee.  He feels that the committee has not provided the board any information on their happenings and would like some input from the committee.

5. Adjournment
             Meeting adjourned at 4:42 p.m.

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