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2011-01-27 Board Meeting

ICIT Board Meeting Agenda

ISAC Offices, Veeder Conference Room, Des Moines, IA

X President: Julie Harris, IT Director (Warren) X District 1 Rep: James Nehring, IT Director (Hardin)
X Vice President: Jeff Miller, GIS Coordinator (Dubuque) X District 2 Rep: Gabe Johanns, IT Director (Franklin)
X Sec./Treas.: Alissa Julius, IT Director (Dickinson) X District 3 Rep: Patty Maymon, IT Director (Buena Vista)
X Past President: Joel Rohne, IT-GIS Director (Worth) X District 4 Rep: Todd Butterbaugh, GIS (Pottawattamie)
X Tech. Advocate: Robert Harris, IT Director (Jasper) X District 5 Rep: Gina Erickson, IT Director (Des Moines)
X District 6 Rep: Kim Veeder, IT Director (Black Hawk)

Education and Schools Micah VanMaanen (Sioux)
Information Security
X Legislative Jeff Rodda (Polk)
X Membership & Awards Joel Rohne (Worth)
X On-Line Services Scott Williams (Marshall)
X Cadastral Jason Siebrecht (Linn)
Web Technology Mitch Tollerud (Scott)
Agenda – January 27, 2011
1. Call meeting to order
The meeting called to order at 1:00 pm.
2. Financial and Membership Report
Financial report since January 1, 2011 was reported. There is $16,240.84 in the checking account. James Nehring made the motion to approve the financial report as of January 2011. Joel Rohne seconded the motion. Motion carries. Putting a member from each district on the membership committee but it cannot be a member of the board. 118 members have been reported as current and paid.
3. Committee Assignments
Wayne reported the creation of a GIS Repository Committee which includes Wayne Chizek, Jason Siebrect, Mark Castenson, John Lubke, Jay Guyson. Gina Erickson made the motion to approve the GIS committee. Patti Maymon seconded the motion. Motion carried.
4. ICIT Committee activities
a. Education & Schools
Micah reported the spring school agenda was nearly complete. The current tentative agenda was read. There are a few slots that still need to be filled. There was discussion about a possible joint session with the supervisors.
b. Legislative – Steering Committee Report
Jeff reported there were no longer steering committees and would like to change it to Legislative policy committee. Several bills one is to sell the ICN. Bill from COZO regarding smart planning and are developing a GIS department within their smart planning program.
c. Membership & Awards
Nothing to report.
d. On-Line Services
Scott reported there is a new beta site for the ICIT website. Committee members are working on gathering content. Address is beta.icit.state.ia.us. Midyear will be up by February 1.
e. Cadastral
Jason reported the cadastral group helped with the county workflow workshop and followed up with a presentation at the fall ISAC. Wayne is working on forming a committee with attendees from those meetings.
f. Web user group
Nothing to report.
g. Information Security – Need Committee Chair
Tony would like to step down as committee Chair. Discussion on who would be willing to take over as chair. Colin Gurst from Des Moines County was nominated and was willing to learn more about the committee.
h. ICIT Technology Scholarship Report
Wayne reported there were only 4 applicants for the scholarship this year. Wayne, Mark and Kim are in the process of reviewing the applications. Interviews are typically done in February. Discussion on if we are marketing the ICIT scholarship and ways to get more interest and promote the scholarship better.

5. Organization updates
a. ISAC Executive Board
The joint building with the League of Cities is put on hold. Currently, ISAC is looking at 3 properties to rent.
Wayne had nothing to report. Scott reported the GIS Repository has over 600-700 members. Scott has added a captcha to try to eliminate any Bots from registering.
c. E-Recording Committee
Scott reported the focus is on the redaction project. Back file data is being uploaded and the redaction service provider is taking longer than initially indicated. Scott also talked about the Declaration of Value project and some issues that are going on with the project.
d. CREEGAC/CREW – did this disband???
CREW is in the process of disbanding.
The ICIC conference will be held in April in Dubuque.
Nothing to report.
Jason reported that Nicki from City of Dubuque has taken over the agenda and there has not been much activity for the past 6 months.
6. Mid-Year Update – Gina Erickson
Gina reported they are looking for speakers. On the agenda tab of the ICIT Midyear website there is a presentation submission form. The current Mid-Year session topics were presented. Yearly due fees have been changed on the registration forms. The 2 speakers have signed the contracts and deposits have been made, Kevin Kush and Tom Mabe. A DJ/Karaoke will be present from 8pm-midnight on Thursday June 16th with a price of $399.
7. Spring ISAC Update
Nothing more to report.
8. Discussion of ICIT Board email list
Julie reported that currently the ICIT Board email list is anyone that has ever been on the board. Discussion on why there should be a list for past and current board email lists. Gina made a motion to have a current board email list as well as a past board email list. Patti seconded the motion. Motion carried.
9. County Day at the Capital – need display
Julie reported that a display is needed. Julie, Wayne and Gina will be attending County Day at the Capital on March 3 and anyone else is invited to attend. Wayne will bring maps and Gina will provide handouts. Gabe made a motion to spend $100 on treats to hand out. Kim seconded the motion. Motion carried. James will be sending out ideas for displays for review.
10. Parcel workflow update
Wayne reported they are working on passing off the leadership to a committee.
11. District Rep Reports – Reminder that $200 per year is allocated per district.
1. Nothing to Report
2. Planning to have a district meeting in the future.
3. A Meeting was held in Spencer
4. Nothing to Report
5. Gina emailed all the counties in her district. She is planning on setting something up in the future.
6. Kim was planning on the last part of February for a meeting.
12. Old Business
a. Review of Broadband Initiative
Currently, the broadband initiative is on hold as there was a change in state offices. Robin Harlow reported the Connect Iowa has updated their
13. New Business
a. Review splitting up Sec/Treasurer position
Discussion on splitting the Sec/Treasurer position and how it affects voting as there would be even votes if separated. Patti made the motion to amend the bi-laws to split the Sec/Treasurer position excluding the past president from any voting rights effective January 1, 2012. Kim seconded the motion. Motion carried.
14. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 1:42 pm.
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