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2011-03-23 Board Meeting

ICIT Board Meeting Minutes from March 23,2011.
Agenda – March 23, 2011
1. Call meeting to order
Julie called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.
2. Financial and Membership Report
Alissa reported there is $23,541.92 in the checking account and 122 current members. Gina Ericson made a motion to approve the membership and financial report. Patti Maymon seconded. Motion carried.
3. Committee Assignments
4. ICIT Committee activities
a. Education & Schools
Micah Van Maanen reported on a few changes to the spring school agenda.
b. Legislative – Policy Committee Report
Jeff Rodda reported that the ICN was for sale or lease possibly by the end of the year.
c. Membership & Awards
Joel Rohne reported on who is currently on the committee. District 3-Shawn Olson, 4-David Bayer and 6 needs to nominate an individual for the committee.
d. On-Line Services
Scott had nothing to report.
e. Cadastral
There was nothing to report.
f. Web user group
There was nothing to report.
g. Information Security
Colin Gerst from Des Moines County is chairing the committee and had nothing to report.
h. ICIT Technology Scholarship Report
Wayne Chizek reported how the numbers were lower this year than in previous years. There were four applicants and all four were given an interview. Dillion Schmidt from Lyon County was selected as the winner of the scholarship. He will be going into Computer Science at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD.
5. Organization updates
a. ISAC Executive Board
Wayne Chizek commented on the ISAC budget which was approved at the ISAC business meeting on the morning of March 23, 2011. A new facility has been selected for the new ISAC office.
Wayne Chizek reported they are talking about expanding to other state offices. The committee is considering restoring vector data as well as raster data. Continue to research the possibility of going to the cloud. Jason is working on options for an arc GIS server. Programming enhancements will also be coming in the near future for uploading. The group will be looking for another IT person in the future to have as a backup.
c. E-Recording Committee
Scott Williams reported that not a lot has changed at this time. The volume continues to go up and the redaction process is underway.
Micah Culter reported the IGIC conference is April 13-15 in Dubuque. USGS awarded a metadata grant. There is funding for a full service Bureau for GIS that will provide 2 19th month positions.
CIAO will be removed as they have disbanded.
There was nothing to report at this time.
6. Mid-Year Update – Gina Erickson
a. Need Presenters at Mid-Year Conference
The group had a meeting on March 23, 2011 to get the speakers set. Presenters are still needed to help with certain topics at this time. Vendors are full at this time. Board Room A will be split and a hands on lab with 2 vendors signed up.
7. District Rep Reports
District 1 –James Nehring had nothing new to report.
District 2 –Gabe Johanns had a district meeting in Mason City in February. Another meeting is planned in the future to invite non IT from his district.
District 3 – Patti Maymon had nothing to report.
District 4 – There was nothing to report.
District 5 – Gina Ericson had nothing new to report.
District 6 – Kim Veeder had nothing new to report.
8. Nominations (District’s 1, 3, 5, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer)
1. District 1 –Michelle Fields
2. District 3-Patti Maymon
3. District 5-Gina Erickson
4. VP –James Nehring Motion by Scott Williams and seconded by Joel Rohne. Motion Carried.
5. Secretary – Kelsey Jurik Motion by Patti Maymon and seconded by James Nehring. Motion Carried.
6. Treasurer – Alissa Julius Motion by Julie Harris and seconded by Micah Van Maanen. Motion Carried
9. Old Business
a. Review of Broadband Initiative
Currently nothing new is happening.
10. New Business
a. Auditor Affiliate Meet and Greet
Any ICIT members can who want to can attend the meet and greet at spring ISAC.
b. Recorder Affiliate speaking
Micah and Joel are giving a presentation at the spring ISAC for the recorders affiliate.
11. Adjournment
Gina Erickson motioned to adjourn. James Nehring seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 1:46.

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