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2011-06-15 Board Meeting

June 15, 2011 Board Meeting
X President: Julie Harris, IT Director (Warren) X District 1 Rep: James Nehring, IT Director (Hardin)
X Vice President: Jeff Miller, GIS Coordinator (Dubuque) X District 2 Rep: Gabe Johanns, IT Director (Franklin)
X Sec./Treas.: Alissa Julius, IT Director (Dickinson) X District 3 Rep: Patti Maymon, IT Director (Buena Vista)
X Past President: Joel Rohne, IT-GIS Director (Worth) District 4 Rep: Todd Butterbaugh, GIS (Pottawattamie)
Tech. Advocate: Robert Harris, IT Director (Jasper) X District 5 Rep: Gina Erickson, IT Director (Des Moines)
X District 6 Rep: Kim Veeder, IT Director (Black Hawk)

X Education and Schools Micah VanMaanen (Sioux)
X Information Security Colon Gerst (Des Moines)
Legislative Jeff Rodda (Polk)
X Membership & Awards Joel Rohne (Worth)
X On-Line Services Scott Williams (Marshall)
Cadastral Jason Siebrecht (Linn)
Web Technology Mitch Tollerud (Scott)
X Auditing Jeff Miller (Dubuque)

Agenda – June 15, 2011
1. Call meeting to order
Julie called the meeting to order at 11:54.
2. Financial and Membership Report
Wayne Chizek made a motion to approve the financial report and minutes. Joel Rohne seconded. All in favor voted aye.
a. Audit to be done after meeting
3. Committee Assignments
4. ICIT Committee activities
a. Education & Schools
b. Legislative – Policy Committee Report
c. Membership & Awards
d. On-Line Services
e. Cadastral
f. Web user group
g. Information Security
h. ICIT Technology Scholarship Report
5. Organization updates
a. ISAC Executive Board
Wayne reported Isac offices are on schedule to move into the new offices in September.
c. E-Recording Committee
6. Mid-Year Update – Gina Erickson
Gina reported there were about 116 people attending ICIT this year.
7. District Rep Reports
8. New Business
a. Real Estate Committee request
Wayne Chizek reported they are looking to have another real estate seminar. Wayne is proposing that all the registrations are covered this year as last year ICIT paid for some of the costs. Wayne is asking for $500 to cover some of the costs. Gina Erickson made a motion to approve up to $500 for startup costs for the real estate committee. Patti seconded the motion. Motion carried.
b. Domain Names transfer and registration
Scott Williams would like all the domain names would like to change the registrations of the sites that are registered to Pottawattamie County changed to ICIT. Scott would also like to get all the domain names to expire in 2015 so they all can be renewed together. Patti Maymon made a motion to bring all the domain names into one group and expire at the same time. Gabe Johanns seconded. Motion carried.
c. Retirement of ICIT Members
Theresa Wurth from Clay County was recognized for her retirement.
d. Discussion of email voting and verbiage to be proposed to members
Wayne Chizek spoke about previous email voting procedures. Changes to the by-laws to use a new email voting procedure need to be written for future approval. Scott Williams felt that it should be the decision of the board how they want to handle meetings. Micah Cutler thought there should be something about new technology. One thought was to have a meeting defined as anything non-restrictive. No motions were made at this time.
9. Old Business
a. Audit of Treasurer Records for past 3 years
10. Adjournment
Joel made the motion at 12:36 to adjourn the meeting. Mark Castenson seconded. Motion carried.

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