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2012-11-29 Business Meeting

Business meeting at ISAC Fall School, Des Moines
xPresident: Jeff Miller, GIS Coordinator (Dubuque) xDistrict 1 Rep: Michelle Fields, IT Manager/Drainage (Greene)xVice President: James Nehring, IT Director (Hardin) xDistrict 2 Rep: Gabe Johanns, IT Director (Franklin) xSecretary: Kelsi Jurik, GIS Technician (Polk) xDistrict 3 Rep: Patti Maymon, IT Director (Buena Vista)
xTreasurer: Alissa Julius, IT Director (Dickinson) District 4 Rep: Todd Butterbaugh, GIS (Pottawattamie)
xPast President: Julie Harris, IT Director (Warren) xDistrict 5 Rep: Gina Erickson, IT Director (Des Moines)
xTech. Advocate: Joel Rohne, IT-GIS Director (Worth) xDistrict 6 Rep: Kim Veeder, IT Director (Black Hawk)

Education and Schools Lindsay Bressler (Cherokee)
Information Security Colin Gerst (Des Moines)
xLegislative Jeff Rodda (Polk)
xMembership & Awards Julie Harris (Warren)
xOn-Line Services Scott Williams (Marshall)
xAuditing James Nehring (Hardin)
xRepository Jason Siebrecht (Linn)

Agenda – November 29, 2012 – 9:00 am
Call meeting to order
Jeff Miller called meeting to order at 9:07am
Approval of previous meeting minutes
Micah VM motion
Joel Rhone second
unanimous approval
Financial and Membership Report
Alissa Julius -
ICIT Committee activities
Education & Schoolsa
Micah VanManaan, last time as chair
Linsdsay Brassler, to be new committee chair
Patti Motion
Joel Second
Unanimous Board approval
iii. Micah talked through agenda for ICIT related ISAC meetings
Information Security - No report, Colin mia
Legislative – Policy Committee Report
Jeff Rodda - Legislative committee met
ISAC legislative priorities in ISAC booklet
iii. Sales of bulk data - ICIT may be required to give some input
Membership & Awards - Julie Harris
Nothing to report
On-Line Services - Scott Williams
We have a new domain name - iowacountiesit.org
Data Repository
Jeff Miller appointed Matt Boeck to
Michelle motioned
Joel second
Board unanimous approval
ii. Jason Siebrech - They might get some meetings together yet this calendar year
iii. Otherwise nothing new to report
Tech Team
adhoch committee for this committee - Tech Advocate will be chair of this committee
Organization updates
ISAC Executive Board -Wayne Chizek
Property Tax Reform - there may be ways to give back to counties rather than just take away
ii. ISAC - Iowa Association of County Commissioners and Veterans Affairs and Services Officers sent letter to the board wanting to become an ISAC affiliate. This may be tricky because they are not employees of the counties
iii. Scholarship amounts will be going down because there has not been as much being contributed, especially from the golf outing not being as highly attended. ISAC will reimburse families
iv. Fall School - 2013 and 14 will be in Des Moines at the same convention center in late november, 2015 - will be in late November at the new convention center in Cedar Rapids , 2016 , 2017-2021 meetings will be in August
v. Co-STAR - Trying to put budget together and would like ICIT to be more involved with IT education to other affiliates. Would like us to get onto the agendas for other affiliates conferences. Maybe even host some single day IT education sessions. They would like ICIT to to not have sessions at Spring and Fall school but rather host a hands on IT lab and internet cafe for other affiliates
* Input from James - idea would be to have an internet cafe in the mezzanine
*Much discussion on this topic
Iowa Land Records - Scott Williams
nothing new really
Number of e-recordings is constantly increasing
Micah Cutler - IGIG Conference next April 2-4 at Kirkwood Community College. There’s a new website - iowagic.org This is hopefully gong to be more user friendly
The state CIO has set up a GIS sub-committe to look at state GIS/IT services. There is a definite need for coordination
CIAO - Matt Boeck
Now has a website - CIAO.iowagic.org
i. Jason Siebrecht - had a meeting a couple weeks ago but only about half the people who signed up attended
* Next meeting will mostly promote the IGIC conference
Ag Adjustment
Nothing has happened lately
Matt - DoR has submitted something to the legislative rules committee and the governor has issued an executive report. Has gone to a stakeholders committee.
Open Records - Michelle
Last met in August. Talked about bulk sales of data. There’s a big discrepancy between counties. The state ombudsman’s office wants a policy to be put into place to equalize this out. Although this would not be forced on the counties at this time.
By-Laws Changes
Jeff Miller - about a month ago sent out proposed changes to the by-laws
Motion from Jeff Rodda
Second by Patti Maymom
Unanimous approval
Election of Officers and District Reps - Julie Harris
VP - Patti Maymom nominated Jason Siebrecht but he declined
Jeff Miller nominated Kelsi Jurik
ii. Secretary - Kim Veeder
iii. Treasurer - Alissa Julius
iv. Tech Advocate - Joel Rhone
v. District Reps
2 - Gabe Johans
4 -
6 - Stacy Law
Unfinished Business
Other Business
Micah VM - motion
Mark Castensen - Second
Adjourned at 10:41
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