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2012-01-17 Board Meeting

January 17, 2012 Board Meeting ISAC Office, Des Moines
XPresident: Jeff Miller, GIS Coordinator (Dubuque) XDistrict 1 Rep: Michelle Fields, IT Manager/Drainage (Greene)
XVice President: James Nehring, IT Director (Hardin) XDistrict 2 Rep: Gabe Johanns, IT Director (Franklin)
XSecretary: Kelsi Jurik, GIS Technician (Polk) XDistrict 3 Rep: Patti Maymon, IT Director (Buena Vista)
XTreasurer: Alissa Julius, IT Director (Dickinson) District 4 Rep: Todd Butterbaugh, GIS (Pottawattamie)
Past President: Julie Harris, IT Director (Warren) District 5 Rep: Gina Erickson, IT Director (Des Moines)
XTech. Advocate: Joel Rohne, IT-GIS Director (Worth) XDistrict 6 Rep: Kim Veeder, IT Director (Black Hawk)

XEducation and Schools Micah VanMaanen (Sioux)
Information Security Colin Gerst (Des Moines)
XLegislative Jeff Rodda (Polk)
Membership & Awards Julie Harris (Warren)
XOn-Line Services Scott Williams (Marshall)
XAuditing James Nehring (Hardin)
XRepository Wayne Chizek (Marshall)

1. Call meeting to order
Jeff called the meeting to order at 9:47
2. Approval of previous meeting minutes
Patti Maymon made the motion to approve. Joel Rohne seconded. Motion carried.
3. Approval of Agenda
Kim Veeder made the motion to approve. James Nehring seconded. Motion carried.
4. Financial and Membership Report
Alissa Julius presented the membership report of 113 members. The financial report of $22208.39.
5. ICIT Committee activities
a. Education & Schools
b. Legislative – Policy Committee Report
c. Membership & Awards
d. On-Line Services
e. Information Security
6. Organization updates
a. ISAC Executive Board
b. Data Repository
c. E-Recording Committee
Scott would like to change the committee name to Iowa Land Records.
g. Ag Adjustment
7. Committee Appointments
Jeff chose to appoint everyone to remain in their current position. Wayne requested that Jason and Wayne would be co-chairs on the GIS data repository committee. Micah Cutler would be added to the GIS data repository committee. Joel Rohne made a motion to approve the committees as is with the changes. James Nehring Seconded. Motion Carried. Gabe Johanns made the motion to add Micah Cutler to the GIS data repository. Patti Maymon seconded. Motion carried.

Jeff Miller brought up the fact that there should be paid members on the committees for example the GIS data repository since there are funds that the committee uses. Jeff would like to add that all committee members are paid members to the policy manual.

8. Goals for the next two years
Jeff Miller would like to see ICIT group work more closely with other entities including state and cities. James Nehring added that our current initiatives should still be a priority. Some thoughts were to have a hospitality room and one of the schools. Patti Maymon made a motion to approve a table and backdrop display for a cost of less than $2000. Gabe Johanns seconded. Motion carried.
9. QuickBooks Discussion
James Nehring made a motion to approve using Quickbooks Online Essentials for $26.95. Joel Rohne seconded. Motion carried.
10. VMWare ELA
Julie Harris was not present. Patti Maymon is going to email Julie and having her email the google doc out to the group.
11. Organizational Change discussion
Kristi Hershberger from ISAC’s legal counsel gave a presentation on how to reorganize. Kristi shared a document on what it means to formally organize. Kristi recommended doing a 501(c)(4) which is the same status as ISAC but a 990 would be required.. There is also a section 115 where a 990 would not be necessary. Wayne Chizek recommended we do the articles of organization to see where our group fits. Patti Maymon made the motion to formally organize the articles of organization for ICIT. Kim Veeder seconded. Motion carried. Kristi is going to do some preliminary work going over our bylaws to make sure no changes need to be made. She will have these completed prior to February 14 in case bylaw changes need to be done at Spring School.
12. Disbursement Policy
Joel Rohne made a motion to approve the disbursement policy as written. Patti Maymon seconded. Motion carried.
13. Policy/Procedures Manual
Wayne shared we have a policy that ICIT will pay for ICIT Board lunches. Another item to be added would be to add a policy that all committee members shall be paid members. New policies in regards to job descriptions, disbursement policy and bank policies. Policies will be approved and added as needed. Joel Rohne made a motion to approve and add the online voting procedure to the policy manual. Gabe Johanns seconded. Motion carried. Michelle Fields made a motion to approve a lunch for the GIS data repository lunch on January 26. Joel seconded. Motion carried.
14. MidYear Location Contract
West Des Moines Marriot gave pricing for a new 3 year contract. Other options are being considered. Wayne is going to draft a letter to send out to other area hotels.
15. ICIT Tiger Team
A 6 member team (Micah VanMaanen, Robin Harlow, James Nehring, Scott Williams, Alissa Julius and Joel Rohne) visited Emmet County for a technology assessment at their request. This was very wellreceived by Emmet County, they’re now going forward with some of the recommendations that were made. Michelle asked if recommendations were made based on size of the county and their budget? Answer is yes, Emmet County for example had $18,000 available for this year, so two phases were suggested. Joel was able to recommend two vendors that were local to them. James said for an example that eventually they should be moving to virtualization with their servers but at this point they just can’t do that. Jeff Rodda asked what they would do differently. Micah replied that it would be nice to be on site for a longer period and would be nice to have all the finances ahead of time. James said it would have been nice to have an opportunity to spend more time individually with each department heads
For the future, Micah has a list of requirements for what the county would be required to do before an assessment would be made.
There will be a presentation at mid-year and maybe spring school. Jeff Rodda said it would be a great presentation for the supervisors.
16. URISA GIS Corps

17. Officer Duties
a. District Rep – Currently there is nothing in the bylaws about their duties or responsibilities. Wayne suggested that each rep would make contact with each of the counties in their district at least once throughout their term. As well as determine at least one county that could benefit from help from ICIT. Scott Williams suggested that they be the one to contact members in their district who do not renew their memberships.
b. Technology Advocate – Should contact each district rep and visit at least one county in each district per year that was identified by the district rep. Question was raised about the Tech Advocate being the representative to Co-STAR. Possibly be responsible for contacting other affiliates, coordinating our outreach, and creating an Outreach Marketing Committee.
c. Secretary – duties are already pretty specific in the by-laws.
d. Treasurer – some duties are already in the by-laws but some of the responsibility
e. Vice-President
f. President
g. Past-President
Wayne is going to send out these sections to the bylaws so that they can be reviewed and anything can be added on.

18. Unfinished Business
Wayne – VP position: nominations have always been brought forward for each position. Would be nice to have VP candidates present what they would like to see from the organization in the future, whether it’s work from the organization or a specific committee. 2-3 concrete projects that someone is responsible for moving forward.

19. Other Business
Letters of support for the CAP Grants for the Iowa DNR being worked on by Jim Giglerano.

Volunteers for County Day at the Capitol – March 1st. Jeff Miller is going to send out an email for volunteers and display items.

Hospitality suite at Mid-year

Next Board meeting – Wednesday night before spring school

20. Adjournment
Patti Maymon made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Alissa Julius seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 2:30pm.
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