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2012-03-14 Board Meeting

March 14, 2012 Board Meeting, Downtown Des Moines Marriot

Minutes – March 14, 2012 – 4:00 pm

  1. The meeting was called to order with Jeff Miller, James Nehring, Julie Harris, Joel Rohne, Michelle Fields, Patti Maymon, Gina Erickson, Jeff Rodda, Julie Harris, Scott Williams, Wayne Chizek, and Micah Van Maanen present. Alissa Julius joined the meeting at 5:30 p.m.
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes from January 17, 2012 with a change to Article 17; changed Scott Nehring to James Nehring. Motion by James Nehring second by Jeff Rodda. Motion passed
  3. Approval of Agenda for March 14, 2012. Motion by Michelle Fields second by Patti Maymon. Motion passed
  4. Micah Van Maanen gave the Financial and Membership report; there are currently 113 members and $23,859.08 in the checking account.
  5. ICIT Committee activities a.Education & Schools i.Micah Van Maanen discussed the Spring School presentation with the Supervisors and he asked for clarification on what the goal of the presentation should be. The general consensus is that the primary goal is to encourage the Supervisors to reach out to ICIT for assistance on technical matters and that ICIT is ready to help. b.Legislative – Policy Report i.Jeff Rhoda report that no current bills will directly affect ICIT. But there are bills that he will be keeping an eye on that address broadband access, Assessor issues and land records issues. c.Membership & Awards i.Julie Harris reported that the ICIT Past President plaque has not been update for a few years. Motion by Wayne Chizek second by Gina Erickson to approve funding to update the plaque. Motion passed ii.Julie Harris reported that several ICIT members are retiring this year and was wondering about retiring awards or years of service awards. After much discussion it was decided by general consensus that Julie will work with the Awards committee on possible awards. d.On-Line Services i.Scott reported that he has been spending most of his time working on the Mid-Year website which is completed. He also reported that a mobile version of the Mid-Year agenda will be available during the conference. e.Information Security – nothing to report
  6. Articles of Incorporation i.A group of Board members worked with Kristi Harshbarger from ISAC to draft Articles of Incorporation for ICIT. Motion by Wayne Chizek second by Joel Rhone to have the incorporators that sign the Articles be the Officers as defined in Article 7 of the ICIT by-laws; namely the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past-President. Motion passed.
  7. ICIT Email Lists a.The Board discussed a request by a member to add all Past-Presidents to the ICIT Board email list. Motion by Julie Harris second by Patti Maymon to leave the mailing list as is. Motion passed. b.The Board discussed a request that a small group ICIT members be available via email for confidential requests from other affiliates. Motion by Gina Erickson second by Wayne Chizek to create a mailing list consisting of the ICIT Officers as defined by Article VII of the ICIT by-laws. The mailing list email address will be info@icit.state.ia.us. Motion passed.
  8. Website a.The Board discussed a request to have the ICIT website updated more frequently. Scott Williams pointed out the fact that any ICIT member can add content to the ICIT website at any time. There are instructions on how to do this on the website. b.The Board discussed a request to add links to the GIS Data Repository and to the Mid-Year conference on the home page of the ICIT website. Scott will update the site with these links.
  9. Mid-Year Future Location a.The Board received a report from the committee working on finding a future location for the ICIT Mid-Year conference. An RFP was sent out to possible venues in the greater Des Moines metro area. They received seven responses and were then able to trim the list to three finalists. Negotiations will continue with these three finalists using minimum purchase requirements, room rates, meal rates, and other miscellaneous expenses as the criteria for selecting a venue. All of the current finalists have free parking and free internet.
  10. ICIT Floor Display a.The Board received a report from Joel Rhone that he has a quote from Everything Displays for a display with two monitor mounts for around $1600 but that did not include art setup fees. Gary Yoder volunteered to create graphics for the display. This was the least expensive, quality display that could be found. Motion by Micah Van Maanen second by Scott Williams to purchase the display from Everything Displays with the artwork being approved at a later date. Motion passed.
  11. Tech Team a.The Board received a report from Joel Rohne on the future of the Tech Teams and that there is a possibility that ICIT could receive an overwhelming number of assessment requests. There are currently three confirmed requests from Winneshiek, Winnebago, and Floyd counties. The discussion continued with questions on how to organize teams, how many county requests to handle in a year, and how to pay for trips. It was decided by general consensus that Joel will work with the District Rep and the County point-of-contact to determine the scope of the assessment and if the assessment meets the proper requirements. Current responsibility for Tech Team expenses will be paid by the County making the request. There is a possibility that future assessments for Counties that cannot afford the expenses of an assessment could be paid for by ICIT or Co-Star; but that would have to be determined at a later date. James Nehring and Joel Rohne are working on building a database that would track which ICIT members are interested in assisting with these assessments and the skills those members possess.
  12. Budget a.The Board received a report from Jeff Miller recapping a list of income and expenses for the past year with a recommendation to create a budget. Motion by Micah Van Maanen second by Jeff Rodda to have the Treasurer create a budget for the coming fiscal year, to be approved at the ISAC Fall School ICIT Business meeting. The fiscal year would be the same as the calendar year. Motion passed.
  13. ICIT Scholarship Award a.The Board received a report from Wayne Chizek regarding the recent selection of the $2,000 ICIT scholarship. The final decision was extremely difficult due to the quality of applicants so the request was made to allow the selection committee to divide the award amount among multiple individuals. Motion by Julie Harris second by Joel Rohne to allow the $2,000 scholarship to be divide among multiple applicants. Motion passed. The committee will work with ISAC to change the wording on the scholarship application to reflect this change. b.The winner of this year’s scholarship was Ethan Westering from Atlantic Iowa.
  14. Officer Duties a.Nothing to report at this time
  15. By-Law Changes a.The Board received a report from Wayne Chizek regarding the proposed by-law changes as outlined in Attachment A. Most of the proposed changes are due to ICIT’s organizational change. No decision can be made on these by-law changes until the ISAC Fall School ICIT Business meeting.
  16. Unfinished Business a.There was a brief discussion regarding the Assessor’s meeting to discuss the changes in agland valuation.
  17. Other Business a.Nothing to report
  18. Adjournment a.Motion by Micah Van Maanen second by Joel Rohne to adjourn. Motion passed.
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