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2012-06-13 BusinessMeeting

Business Meeting held during Mid-year Conference

ICIT Business Meeting ICIT Midyear – West Des Moines Marriott

xPresident: Jeff Miller, GIS Coordinator (Dubuque) District 1 Rep: Michelle Fields, IT Manager/Drainage (Greene) xVice President: James Nehring, IT Director (Hardin) xDistrict 2 Rep: Gabe Johanns, IT Director (Franklin) xSecretary: Kelsi Jurik, GIS Technician (Polk) xDistrict 3 Rep: Patti Maymon, IT Director (Buena Vista) xTreasurer: Alissa Julius, IT Director (Dickinson) District 4 Rep: Todd Butterbaugh, GIS (Pottawattamie) Past President: Julie Harris, IT Director (Warren) xDistrict 5 Rep: Gina Erickson, IT Director (Des Moines) xTech. Advocate: Joel Rohne, IT-GIS Director (Worth) xDistrict 6 Rep: Kim Veeder, IT Director (Black Hawk)

Committees: Education and Schools Micah VanMaanen (Sioux) Information Security Colin Gerst (Des Moines) Legislative Jeff Rodda (Polk) Membership & Awards Julie Harris (Warren) On-Line Services Scott Williams (Marshall) Auditing James Nehring (Hardin) Repository Jason Siebrecht (Linn)

Agenda – June 13, 2012 – 11:30am 1. Call meeting to order – meeting called to order 12:13pm by Jeff Miller 2. Approval of previous meeting minutes Motion – Patti Maymon Second – Wayne C Passed 3. Financial and Membership Report Members - 124 $38, 377.37

  1. ICIT Committee activities a. Education & Schools – Micah V: Nothing planned for fall b. Legislative – Policy Committee Report: Jeff’s gone, Wayne had nothing to say c. Membership & Awards: Julie not present d. On-Line Services: Scott – not much to report. Feedback on the QR would be good e. Information Security:
  2. Organization updates a. ISAC Executive Board: No report b. Data Repository: Scott Williams – new code pushed out last night. It’s the new version. The committee was supposed to test it, no negative feedback in the last 6 months c. Iowa Land Records: Nothing to report – Scott Williams d. IGIC: Paula – Bi-annual conference next April 2013, at Kirkwood. There will be a lot of hands on things, i.e. precision ag and wine making. e. CIAO: Matt Boeck – goal to restart, pretty much no progress has been made. f. EIGIS: Jason doesn’t know when the next one is. Had a meeting a month or two ago. Trying for two meetings a year, one in the fall one in the spring. About 40-60 members attending. g. Ag Adjustment: Ryan LaFrenz, report tomorrow at session, morning
  3. Midyear Location – Wayne C: As reported at spring school, narrowed down to 3 rfps – West Des Moines Marriot, Adventureland Inn, and Prairie Meadows Hotel. Reality is that we have a higher food minimum at the Marriott than at the other two hotels. More room for meeting space and vendors at the other hotels. The hotel room prices will be up to $129/night – this is the main concern of the cost. There maybe ways to supplement this cost. Input would be appreciated on what members would expect from the hotel facility and from vendors present. Want to find out what costs would be reasonable. Input from the current committee would be accepted to know about the current trend, what they would recommend for future committees. Discussion/comments –Paula: would all three rfps be on the same overall costs? Adventureland and Prairie meadows will not reduce their hotel fees. Wayne asked how many people would be concerned about hotel costs, there was a majority. Would noise be an issue being around families at the Altoona hotels? There is a potential for noise at Adventureland Inn. Adventureland Inn had the lowest price on food $5000, Prairie Meadows $10000, Marriott $16000. Would an increase in registration fee be an option? Not too many people were concerned about a $200 registration. What about vendors? Would an increase in the number of vendors be valued? The other two locations would have more space for vendors. A few people wouldn’t mind seeing more vendors. Scott Williams said that if we had more space that he thinks we would be able to host more vendors. Each of these three locations provides easy access from the interstate. Other thoughts – the opportunity to talk to folks they don’t typically see, vendors typically cover their registration and then almost double. Wayne thinks that there’s always potential for more. Are the vendors repeat vendors? There are some that come every year and some that don’t. Gina – location of where vendors are placed could make a difference. Scott W – currently, the higher vendor packages offered include a booth and a room, maybe that’s something we look at decoupling extra services. Gabe – could have different prices for location of a booth. Maybe another premium for giving a presentation. All breaks are sponsored by vendors this year. Prairie Meadows, main ballroom is 3x the size of the Marriott space, has the highest hotel rate and they’ve been pretty adamant that the price will not change. Other input will be accepted after the meeting. A concern would be what could be accessed around the hotels.
  4. Tiger Team – Joel: ICIT started a venture with CoSTAR, Emmett Co was looking for some help to answer technology questions. A team went to Emmett County to do an evaluation. Both the county and ICIT feel they benefited from it. ICIT told the supervisors that we could provide this to counties for a fee. Floyd County – July (Gabe leader), County (James N leader), Emmett County – Micah leader. Looking for people to be on these teams. If members are interested please let Joel know. “We’re coming to your county.” More information can be heard at a presentation.
  5. Unfinished Business a. By-Law Changes – look for at fall school
  6. Other Business a. Paula – if anyone’s interested, the governor is doing a luncheon at the capitol $7/person. Benefits the Des Moines food bank 10. Adjournment Wayne moved to adjourn Kim V second Adjourned at 12:52pm
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